One-to-one leadership coaching – underpinned by simple practical coaching guides to key management nobody is taught any more (like preparing for running a meeting or having a holding-to-account conversation)

One-to-one team coaching – focusing on Followership as well as leadership (how to look after your boss; how to educate your boss)

Group coaching – using a structured and disciplined action learning or problem-solving process that we train facilitators to do internationally and managers to do across the NHS

Phone coaching and phone conferencing – encouraging teams as much as appropriate to do more by phone, by Skype and WebEx so that it is less disruptive and cheaper

Online collaboration – helping people finalise documents, co-edit material, speaking on the phone while watching ideas appear on the screen.

Looking after the client – often the people who commission us are handling pressures from different directions. We provide them with free coaching.



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