The Difference


One difference between us and good traditional team facilitators is the time we save. We prepare teams on line and by phone. We follow up online and by phone. We ensure scarce time working together is well positioned and used.

We minimise time away from the work.


Another difference is that we measure, measure, measure. We draw on our sister agency’s innovative expertise in evaluation. We measure team effectiveness. We measure where they start and where they get to. We measure improvement.

Team focus

Away-days and planning days are worthless without follow-through. Good intentions and sheets of flip-chart paper create an illusory feel-good factor. We have a range of strategies that keep team members focused on and accountable for progress.


Key people are facing greater stresses than ever. Helping them handle pressures well enough to avoid illness themselves is crucial. They often have to help their people through quite considerable slow-burning traumas. We possess Gestalt psychotherapy skills that keeps teams and people whole when the going is tough

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