We help leadership teams handle big shifts and smaller but important changes. We do it for the John Lewis Partnership, NHS Acute Trust Boards, College Governors and Senior Management Teams, The Health Foundation, Association of Colleges, Scottish Patient Safety Programme, the United Nations Development Programme team in Serbia.

And we do more and more of that support remotely.

  • We are expert facilitators who run small team meetings and national conferences.
  • We co-create major change strategies with teams and help teams agree new priorities.
  • We help teams handle issues that divide them.
  • We help teams define their goals and measure their progress.
  • We help teams inspire their workforces or educate their bosses.
  • We do some of the leanest most practical leadership development for teams or individuals in the UK; we have spent five years developing and testing that on the best of the best in the NHS.
  • We coach teams. We coach their members. And
  • we coach two or three-at-the–top; like Relate but for professional relationships.

    And we train people to do what we do - especially for the NHS and the UN.
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